Beit El Sehemy ( House of Sehemy)


The Sehemy house is located on mu’iz le din allah street in fatimid, cairo (a section of the old islamic cairo). it was built on an area of 2100 square meters and consists of halls, rooms, corridors and courts totalling 115 spaces.

The oldest section was built by abdel wahab el tablawy in 1648 a.d. The house was purchased in 1796 by sheikh ahmed as-suhaymi, who extended it by integrating several of the adjacent houses.

The house is a cairene house from the ottoman period with strictly separated public (salamlik) and private spaces (haramlik).

In addition to the open spaces, the salamlik included the takhtabush (a large benched area which opens onto the courtyard like a hall (iwan) where business transactions were carried out in the morning), the second-story (maq’ad) or loggia (an informal reception area used usually in the evenings), and the (qa’a) (the formal reception hall).

The haramlik section, which includes a qa’a, or reception hall, as well as private apartments and a bath, is located above the ground floor and is reached by a separate flight of stairs in the courtyard.

The domed structure in the garden was originally a mausoleum; it was moved from its original location near the bab al-khalq after 1952.

nowadays bayt el suhaymi, especially after its restoration process, is the best example of a rich private house dating to seventeenth century egypt. The house also demonstrates a lot about the art of the period and how people used to live in the ottoman period.

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